• Trusted Certified Professionals

    EBCO Inc. has been the trusted Air and Hydronics servicemen for over 34 years. Our technicians are certified professionals that you can continue to trust to handle your next project.
    We are proud to share our industry standard certifications. When shopping for your test and balancing needs, make sure the firm you choose has the appropriate, up-to-date certifications.
  • Certifications

    NEBB Certification
    NEBB Certified Test & Balance Supervisor
    NEBB Certified Technicians
    Associate Member of ASHRAE
    Member of KSHE
    Certified Calibrated Instruments & Tools

    Serving Kentucky Over 34 Years

    Today's building provide highly controlled indoor environments. These conditions could not exist without sophisticated mechanical systems created by a team of skilled professionals. A key member of this team is the NEBB Certified Test, Adjust, and Balance (TAB) Firm.

  • EBCO Inc.'s new mission as a Professional Engineering Reporting Agency is to provide superior workmanship, required documentation and proper balance to the complex air flow systems used in today’s modern buildings.

    In 1985 EBCO Inc. became NEBB (National Environmental Balance Bureau) certified. NEBB is a premier international certification association for firms that test, adjust and balance heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in new construction and renovated existing structures.

    The new owners plan on continuing EBCO's 33 years of expert service as their foundation to expand from in order to grow the business. They plan to expand into both a wider area served, plus associated fields. They feel that this strategy will allow EBCO to have a more compelling role in the delivery of high performance building systems.

    EBCO INC's largest asset is our highly qualified field technicians with a combined 100 years of experience. This is a team of dedicated professionals with a drive to succeed in providing top notch service with the highest of work ethics.

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