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EBCO provides Testing, Adjusting & Balancing services to building owners, mechanical engineers, architects, general contractors, mechanical contractors and temperature control contractors throughout the united states. Whether you’re in need of testing a residential property, university, classroom or multi-building hospital, our team can handle projects of any size.

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Air Balance

An air balance is essential for any occupied space. Even distribution of heated and cooled air along with the proper mixture of fresh (Outside air) and returned air can maximize, not only, the efficiency of the HVAC equipment, but the comfort and health of the occupants. Poorly ventilated spaces can have a negative impact on the overall health and well being of its occupants, not to mention the health of the building, itself. EBCO uses several specialized air measuring instruments to accurately measure and balance the air flow entering and leaving rooms and buildings.

EBCO, Inc can provide NEBB trained and certified technicians to properly balance any type of HVAC system. EBCO can use the specifications and drawings of the original design mechanical engineer or if none exist, EBCO uses NEBB procedures, standards and specifications. NEBB offers a QAP (Quality Assurance Program) and backs up the integrity of all its certified members.

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Hydronic Balance

A Hydronic Balance is an essential service for any system that has been air balanced. Accurate measurement and setting of GPM (Gallons Per Minute) flowing through an HVAC system can maximize the energy efficiency of the equipment. Chillers, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers and Coils will only achieve their maximum performance if the water flow is balanced. Specially designed hydronic manometers and ultrasonic meters can accurately determine the actual GPM flowing through these extremely expensive HVAC equipments.

EBCO, Inc provides NEBB trained and certified technicians that utilize state of the art hydronic measuring instruments to achieve a hydronic balance on all types of HVAC systems. Whether is is a fully specified balance with all the equipments manufactured data and scope of work stated or a survey of a systems performance ‘as-is’, EBCO will work with you; the engineer or owner to achieve the maximum performance of your HVAC equipment.

Key Equipment:

Fuji Ultrasonic Meter – PortaFlow C

Alnor Hydronic Manometer HM680

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Duct Leakage Testing

Ductwork installed as part of HVAC Systems needs to be sufficiently airtight to aid in the efficient operation of systems. Most local building codes include a requirement that ducts be installed and inspected to be reasonably airtight. Excessive duct leakage in HVAC Systems can lead to operational concerns including loss of expected system operating efficiency, elevated noise levels, problems with space temperature and humidity control and non-ducted room to room air flows all of which can cause the need for increased maintenance of HVAC Systems.

EBCO, Inc. has trained professionals that can provide services to perform duct leakage calculations based on SMACNA ‘seal class’ and ‘leak class’ standards. All Duct leakage tests results are submitted on NEBB certified reports.

EBCO, INC. has two custom built pressure fans and calibrated orifice plates that can test small, medium, and large duct systems.

SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) has developed and publishes recommended guidelines and procedures to perform field leakage testing of duct systems based upon the duct construction and pressure classification of the installed system. Airtight HVAC duct systems can generally be achieved by selecting a static pressure duct construction class suitable for the actual system operating static pressure and by properly specifying sealing procedures for the duct systems.

EBCO provides Duct Pressure testing using the latest SMACNA and ASHREA standards and procedures.

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TAB Survey

EBCO’s technician’s are KSHE (Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers) and OSHA 10 certified. Randy Turner, EBCO’s Safety Supervisor, is OHSA 30 certified. All infection control records and company safety plan are available upon request.

EBCO, Inc offers:
– Surgical Room Survey and Analysis
– Laboratory Fume Hood Survey and Analysis
– Air Changes per hour verification
– Pre-Renovation survey, Redesign Survey and Energy Conservation Surveys

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Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects

The Guaranteed Energy Savings Program (GESP) provides technical, contractual and financial assistance to state and local government units, school districts, and institutions of higher learning that elect to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements through Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts.

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