EBCO Inc. has a combined 75 years of experience, we are proud to share our industry standard certifications. Meet our hand-picked team of industry-leading professionals. When shopping for your test and balancing needs, make sure the firm you choose has the appropriate, up-to-date certifications.

Check out our Certifications! When you are shopping for a Test and Balance Company, this should be critical in your decision making process!

  • NEBB ( National Environmental Balancing Bureau) Certification
  • NEBB certified test and balance Supervisor.
  • NEBB certified technicians.
  • Associate member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning).
  • Member of KSHE (Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers)
  • Field technicians properly trained under NEBB test and balancing procedures.
  • Certified calibrated instruments and tools.