Air Balance

An air balance is essential for any occupied space. Even distribution of heated and cooled air along with the proper mixture of fresh (Outside air) and returned air can maximize, not only, the efficiency of the HVAC equipment, but the comfort and health of the occupants. Poorly ventilated spaces can have a negative impact ont he overall health and well being of its occupants, not to mention the health of the building, itself. EBCO uses several specialized air measuring instruments to accurately measure and balance the air flow entering and leaving rooms and buildings.

EBCO, Inc can provide NEBB trained and certified technicians to properly balance any type of HVAC system. EBCO can use the specifications and drawings of the original design mechanical engineer or if none exist, EBCO uses NEBB procedures, standards and specifications. NEBB offers a QAP (Quality Assurance Program) and backs up the integrity of all its certified members.